Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kelly Joe Phelps "Goodnight Irene"

Another SUPER FEAKING TALENTED ARTIST from the series of the Same Name here on Ronholio's Music World.

This an excellent rendition of this song. Vocally and Instrumentally....
This guy is AWESOME.
Hope ya love it

Back By Popular ACCLAIM (one was all it took)...RAUL MIDON

As promised Raul Midon with "Pick Somebody Up".

Raul Midon !!You Gotta See It to Beleive It!

Paul Midon is one of the most talented musicians I have seen in a while. I saw him on The Tonight Show recently and was BLOWN AWAY. I normaly skip the Music part of Leno, because either their mix or the massive compression from the local station causes most bands to sound horrible even when they aren't. There are usually one or two instruments you can't hear and the vocal mix almost always sounds horrible.
But this guy came on with a guitar, JUST a guitar and rather quickly captured my complete attention.
I know very little about this artist other than :
1. He is MASSIVELY talented.
2. He doesnt't need a band.
3. He is blind.
4. Did I mention that he is MASSIVELY talented?

The song he played on Leno was different than the one on the video I have and it is equal to this one in all aspects. In fact if you like this one LEMME KNOW, I will post it on here. The other song is titled "Pick Somebody Up" and like this one is musically inspiring and lyrically impressive.

So here he is Raul Midon with "State of Mind":

And OK yeah I know I have been silent awhile but at least for now I am feeling inspired to share.